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Revenue Cycle Management

We are the leading healthcare service provider in US delivers an end-to-end revenue cycle management solution to reduce total cost to collect, enhance patient’s financial experience and take control of the patient revenue. 

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Ark Health Solutions - Best Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Company in USA

Ark Health Solutions is one of the leading healthcare revenue cycle management companies in USA delivering customized RCM solutions for hospitals and other healthcare organizations. Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) in healthcare services is the process of managing claims process, processing payments, and revenue generation.

ARK Health Solutions is one of the best RCM Healthcare Services Companies in USA helps a medical practice to increase the revenue by proper claim management.

Why Choose Ark Health Solutions for Revenue Cycle Management?

  • Improve and accelerate your cash flow.

  • Reduce payer denials and increase the success rate of claims appeals.

  • Allows you to focus on the patient care and experience

  • Minimize avoidable errors – rejection and denial avoidance

  • 24*7 Customer Support

Revenue Cycle Management Process

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Generally a revenue cycle management process involves the following steps: ​

1. Patient Verification & Scheduling

2. Eligibility & Benefits Verification

3. Charge Entry

4. Medical Coding

5. Claim Submission

6. Payment Posting

7. Accounts Receivable

8. Denial Management

9. AR Follow-up

10. Reporting

Revenue Cycle Management in Healthcare

Revenue cycle management in healthcare (RCM) is the business process that enables organizations to be paid for providing services, managing claim process and revenue generation. Time management and efficiency plays an important role in RCM.


RCM in Healthcare helps a medical practice to increase the revenue by proper claim management. Ark Health Solutions is one of the Top RCM Companies in USA can minimize the number of errors, increase the likelihood of payment, and avoid aging accounts receivable. 


Revenue cycle Management in Healthcare USA, involves several steps such as patient registration, insurance verification & eligibility, medical coding, claim submission, accounts receivable & collections, Denials, and Payment posting and so on. 

Revenue Cycle Management in Medical Billing

Ark Health Solutions is the leading Revenue Cycle management in Medical Billing is a process of actions used to turn the medical claim into cash flow. The cycle includes receipt of claims, patient demographic and insurance data. Most of the medical billing companies handling and transferring patient information, submission of claims to insurance companies, and also ensures that the payments for medical services are received in a timely manner.

Medical revenue cycle management requires a good billing software, experienced & talented employees in coding, data entry, follow-up, posting, and account management. The “inputs” to the RCM are medical claims and patient information. The “output” is cash flow.

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