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Claims submission process involves reviewing the claim data before submitting the claims to payers. To be successful with the medical billing process, the claims have to be monitored & revised, the reason for denials have to be correctly identified

Claim Management

Ark Health Solutions - Medical Insurance Claim Submissions, USA

Ark Health Solutions is one of the leading medical insurance claim submission company in the USA that offers the clean claims spends minimum time in accounts receivable on the payer’s side, resulting in faster payments. Claim submissions is one the important part in revenue cycle management and medical billing process. Our experienced team can help you at every step of the medical billing process. Our team has some of the most skilled and talented medical claims submission experts who have the rich experience to cater to any of your healthcare billing needs.

Ark Health Solutions - Claim Submission Process in Medical Billing

Medical insurance claim submission is the key source of medical billing process. The most important one to understand what exactly happens during the process of claim submission to the insurance. The experienced team of medical coders at Ark Health Solutions can help you at every step of the medical billing process. 

Steps To Achieve Clean Claim Submission Rate

  • Ensure updated patient information on claims

  • Verify patient eligibility earlier

  • Verify patient eligibility earlier

  • Remain updated with medical coding regulations

  • Know your payers & ensure correct modifier usage

  • Perform quality checks to ensure clean claims

  • Maintain proper medical documentation

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