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Healthcare Insurance Eligibility Services is one of the top most integral part in the Medical Billing process. Verify patient's insurance eligibility through real-time and batch processing before or at the time of care. 

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Insurance Eligibility Verification

Ark Health Solutions - Real- Time Insurance Eligibility Verification Services USA

Insurance eligibility verification is the first and most significant step in the revenue cycle management and medical billing and coding process. Ark Health Solutions is the leading insurance eligibility verification process firm in USA. 

Simply, Insurance eligibility verification is the process of checking patient's active coverage with the insurance company and verifying the authenticity of his or her claims benefits and co-payment details of the patient.  The patient provides the medical insurance details which are outdated. It becomes difficult for the health care service providers to validate the details and confirm if the patient is really eligible for the benefits or not.

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Verifying Insurance Eligibility Involves:

  • Accurately recording personal information of the patient and their insurance coverage

  • Contacting Insurance Provider, confirming the policy, and obtaining Pre-authorization(s) if needed

  • Following up with the patient, if needed, and updating the billing system

  • Ensuring the Insurance Provider pays for the services it guaranteed in its policy

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