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Denial Management

Denial Management is one of the key aspects that every practice requires to improve in order to improve its Revenue Cycle Management (RCM).


Ark health Solutions - Denial Management in RCM, Healthcare, Hospitals, Medical Billing, AR Calling USA

Denial management services is a critical element of successful revenue cycle management because they manage a healthy cash flow.  Ark Health Solutions is the of the leading denial management in healthcare, denial management in RCM, denial management in medical billing, denial management for hospitals in the United Stats of America

Denial Management for hospitals

Ark Health Solutions have 5 years of qualitative and quantitative experience in Denial Management services.  Denials management for hospitals is the best practices to implement the claim denials is the key to ensuring hospitals maximize claims reimbursement revenue and prevent denials. 

Denial Management in healthcare

Denials in healthcare plays an vital role to any practice's revenue cycle management success. The Denial Management in healthcare determines the cause for denials, makes changes, and resubmits claims to payers with reconsideration or appeal if needed. Denial management is commonly confused with Rejection Management. The claims rejection denial management method provides an understanding of the claim’s issues and a chance to correct the issues. Denied Claims represents the lost revenue or delayed revenue (if the claim gets paid after appeals). 

Denial Management in RCM

Being a top RCM companies in USA, The Ark Health Solutions RCM‘s denial management is able to investigate and analyse denied, partially paid or underpaid claims; determine reasons for denials and take corrective action. 

Denial Management in Medical Billing

Ark Health Solutions has over 5 years of experience in handling denial management needs of healthcare providers from the largest health systems to independent practices. Ark Health Solutions is the leading medical billing companies providing complete medical billing services to healthcare providers. 

Major denials in medical billing

Top 5 Medical Claim Denials in Medical Billing

  • Non-covered charges.

  • Coding errors.

  • Overlapping Claims.

  • Duplicate claims.

  • Expired time limit.

Accounts Receivable & Claim Denial Management for Hospitals & Medical Practices

At Ark Health Solutions,  our Accounts Receivable & Claim Denial management function has been designed to overcome these difficulties by increasing your cash flow and reducing the aging days. Our services provide claims management, collect revenue, track and manage denials. 

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