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Account Receivable Management

Accounts receivable (AR) management services is the practice of obtaining customer payment within a given period of time. Account receivable aging report usually helps classify the denials based on the number of days for outstanding payments and medical billing companies for the medical care rendered to patients.

Ark Health Solutions - Account Receivable Management | Accounts payable and receivable Services

In AR analysis, the account receivable summary plays an important role. This AR summary will help you see who owes you money, how much each customer owes, and who is past their due date.


Follow-up, denial management which includes finding unpaid or denied claims, sorting and clearing the issues in their denials, correcting the claims accordingly and resubmitting them are all a part of Accounts Receivables Processing.

The survey states that as much as 25% of the patient services are unpaid and around 40% of claims are denied or not resubmitted, leading to a huge loss to the healthcare provider.

Why Choose Ark health Solutions for A/R Recovery Services?

  • Dedicated Accounts Receivable recovery team

  • Reduction in bad-debts reserves

  • Quick and prompt recovery service

  • Constant follows-up

  • Clearance of old pending bills

  • Successful collection ratio

  • Flexible and scalable practices

  • Attention to all claims

  • HIPAA compliance

Ark Health Solutions - Account Receivable Management in Medical Billing Services

Ark Health Solutions Accounts Receivable (A/R) Management Services can lower internal costs, increase collections, and improve your cash flow. Account Receivable management is the key of revenue cycle management and a vital part of  medical billing process and is crucial for the financial stability and success of a medical practice.

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